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The History of St Andrew's church
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The Building
  • There has probably been a church in Cleeve from very early days (possibly the 800s AD).
  • The Nave (central part) of the church is Norman - probably from around 1315.
  • The Chancel (the part around the altar) is 14th century, but was restored in 1863.
  • The Font is probably 13th century.
  • Ther old elm chest is probably 13th century.
  • The Tower is 15th century.
The Tower
  • It was probably built in 15th century.
  • It has 90 steps to the top.
  • It is 68½ feet (20.5 metres) high.
  • It has battlements on the top.
  • It was probably used as a watchtower to look out for enemy soldiers.

St Andrew
  • The church was dedicated to St Andrew in October 1315.
  • St Andrew was an apostle, the brother of Peter.
  • He was a fisherman.
  • He introduced Peter to Jesus.
  • He took the boy's 5 loaves and 2 fish to Jesus at the feeding of the 5000.
  • The first bells were cast by Henry Bagley of Chalcomb in 1658
  • One had to be re-cast in 1722.
  • They were re-hung in 1888 and 1926.
  • Two more were added in 1949.
  • The bell-ringing platform was built in 1985 in memory of Ray Selby.

The Vicar


The yew tree

Parts of the church

The font

The lectern

The organ

The pews

The old oak chest