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The Village of Cleeve Prior - History Page

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The Stone Age
Celtic Times
Roman Times
Saxon Times Norman Times

Arrow-heads and Axe- heads found.  Hand axe, 150,000 years old, found in the garden of Manor House.

A few Bronze age items have been found nearby
Coins found from Emperors Valerian, Valentinian I and III, Gratian, Theodosius, Arcadius (400 - 411 AD)
A Roman Road runs along the top of the cliff by the river
Cleeve was given to the Church at Worcester by Ethelred, elder brother of King Alfred, in 872 AD.  The Prior was the head of the church at Worcester (St Mary's) and he owned the land. Domesday Book (
AD 1086) mentions Cleeve Prior. 
Simon de Montfort Tudor Times Victorian Times First and Second World War
Later 20th Century

1265 Battle of Evesham - Edward I's soldiers crossed at the Ford.

After the First World War when 11 people from the village had been killed, the Memorial Hall was built to remember them.

There was a garrison stationed around Cleeve Prior in the Second World War.  Read about the memories of the Second World War by following THIS LINK