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This week you will be in teams to compete for the coveted Maths Olympics Prize!!
Practise length measurement in cm and mm
Practise Measurement of mass / weight in grams and kilograms - Choose Reading Mass
Mass / Weight
Practise measurement of capacity in litres and millilitres - choose Reading Volume and Capacity

Decide what your team name will be.
Here are the activities you will be doing

After testing out the activities you will need to write instructions for 5 of them  Use this template

Here is an example to help you

Here is the order the teams will compete



Table of teams

Monday - You will need to try out all the activities and work out which types of measurement and activity need most practice.  Begin to write instructions
Practise Activities
Practise Measurement
Write Instructions                                                                     

Tuesday - Finish Instructions, practise the activites and measurement.  Choose who will do each activity for each team
Write Instructions   
Practise Measurement
Practise Activities    
Organise your team - 5 activities for each person
Who will measure each activity?  

Wednesday - The Olympic competition!!
Compete and do it for real
Take some photos of the events

Thursday - Newspaper report on the event and some graphing of the data

Friday - Finish Newspaper report and graph work