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Here are some online coordinate games.  Some are easy and some are really hard!  Some start easier and get harder.  Try the level you think you are at!

Battleships Grid for Printing

Battleships ADVANCED!
Billy Bug
Find Billy's Food
Billy Bug 2
Find Billy's Food
Transformation Golf
Use reflection, rotation and translation to get the ball in the hole

Use coordinates to draw a castle
Bike Hunt Game
Move round the grid and get to the end in time
Virus Hunt
Find the hidden virus pod
Post the shapes
Gets harder as you get better!

Fun basic Coordinates Worksheets
8 Coordinate Games
Work out the right coordinates - a basic exercise
Power of Circles
Use circles to find a missing Space Explorer

Coordinates 1
Coordinates 2
Hidden Craft - 2 Levels
Find the missing boats

Coordinates 3
Coordinates 4