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Journey Art

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Artists who use the theme of Journeys and Travel
Aboriginal Journey Art
Richard Long
Lesley Davey
Paul Klee
The Boyle Family
Contemporary Aboriginal Art 1

Contemporary Aboriginal Art 2

An environmental artist who made a lot of his Art outside in the natural environment
Uses symbols and colours to represent people and places
A Swiss Artist who used a wide range of subjects and techniques.

Also use Google to search for:
A family of artists -  most famous work is Journey to the Surface of the Earth
Dreamtime Art

Rock Art

Paul Klee Viaducts

A PowerPoint about Aboriginal Art
Katie Moritz
Paul Klee Highways and Byways

Google the name:

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Her Art is beautiful in form and colour
Paul Klee taking a line for a walk

A friend of mine who paints and crafts a lot of Art with travel connections