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The Voyage

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Treasure Island was in the Bahamas, over 4300 miles from Bristol where Jim set out.  How long would they take to get there?  Would there be food and drink on the island?  You need to plan the trip very carefully and decide the provisions that should be taken.

Life aboard a sailing ship
Plan the Trip
Captain's Logbook


Extra information about food on board

Organise your Crew:

1. Who will find out the distance to the island and how many days it will take?  Will you need food once you get to the island?  How long will you spend on the island?  Will you need provisions for the journey home, or will you try to find somewhere in the Bahamas for more food and provisions?
2.  Who will find out the number of crew, how much water they will need?
3.  Who will work out the amounts of all the different types of food that will be needed?
4.  Who will work out how much money will be needed?  Would a spreadsheet be useful?
5.  Who will explain to the Captain why we need so much food and why we need so much money?
6.  Who will work out how to store all the provisions safely?  Remember there was no plastic in those days.  Liquids were stored in barrels, and so were some solid things.  Sacks were used for other items, but they had to be kept dry.  Some items would be hung up on hooks and pegs to keep them safe.  Meat was pickled or salted and kept in barrels usually.  A normal barrel would hold about 150 litres, but some would hold 200 litres.

7. There were apples on board too and double measures of rum.  A normal medium apple weighs about 150g.
A measure of rum is about 70ml.  Who can work out how many apples and how much rum is needed?


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