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coral Many religions believe that God created the world nad all the plants, creatures and amazing landscapes that exist.  Christians, Jews and Muslims all share this belief, and many other faiths do also. 

This page is a celebration of the beauty of our world and may help to you to understand how amazing it is.

Amazing Creatures
Wonders of the Universe

How did it all begin?  Why are we here?  What was here before?  What will there be afterwards?  These are some of the biggest questions that there are.  What are your answers to these questions?  Why do you think so?  What would you say to someone who thought something different?      

More amazing Animals
Heavenly Bodies

These questions are important because the answers can make a difference to the way we live our life.  Is the world here for us to take care of or just to use for whatever we want?  How valuable are other people, animals and plants?  Think of these questions as you watch the videos.