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We will be looking at these different aspects of the Tudors and using different sources to find out about them.  Can you think of the sources that we have for the Tudors that we did not have when studying the Vikings?  Historical sources include:  Archaeology (digging things up), Books written at the time, Books written soon afterwards, Pictures and portraits, Letters, Inventories, Artefacts (objects that people made at the time), Documents (pieces of paper) written at the time, Church records,
Here is a Clicker 5 file to help write about the Tudors.  Download HERE
Here are links to good web pages for finding out about the Tudors
Wars of the Roses

1455 to 1487
Henry VIII Elizabeth I
Rich and Poor Portraits
war of roses
Henry child Elizcoronation
rich and poor Portrait
  • A series of wars between the most pwerful noblemen in England. 
  • Lasted for about 30 years
  • Ended at the battle of Bosworth field. 
There Henry Tudor (of Lancaster), defeated Richard III (of York) and became Henry VII. 
Can you work out exactly how many years the Wars of the Roses lasted?
  • Began as a young, athletic and popular king. 
  • Ended as a jealous old tyrant. 
  • Had 6 wives,
  • Started the Church of England, Destroyed most monasteries,
  • Spent huge amounts of money, built up the English Navy,
  • Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
  • Clever and very well educated
  • Loved royal pomp and ceremony and fine clothes
  • Protestant Queen who disliked Catholics very much
  • Had powerful enemies in France and Spain - Spanish Armada attacked during her reign
Rich and Poor had very different lives.  How did they live?
We have some records of peoples' possessions called Inventories
There were many more vagrants - people who were very poor and homeless - in Tudor times

Hans Holbein was a famous artist in Tudor times.  Here are some of his portraits